Data Analysis, 3D Modeling and Documentation for STL

August, 2019

Currently, I am working on acquiring and analyzing a large amount of photos (1TB+) of projections from 3 different projector models to determine which one is best. I've worked on code for automated camera capture using the Canon EDSDK and blob detection using OpenCV in C++. Now I am using NumPy, Pandas, and the Python Image Library (PIL) to analyze these captured photos. In short, I am measuring/visualizing brightness falloff over time.

Last summer, I worked on 3D modelling the parts to a company product (the Interactive Portable Backdrop), and authoring an instruction manual with step-by-step rendered images of the construction. Below is a PDF of the instruction manual. I modeled all of the components of the product (including the projectors but excluding the cables) using SketchUp and used LaTeX to format the manual.